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Diseño interior


“I hired Vanessa to help me choose the finishes for my house during the construction plans stage.


I definitely recommend her, she did a very professional job and met the agreed deadlines, in addition to her knowledge as a designer, she is also an architect and her advice is very accurate.


What I liked the most was how approachable she is and how he took the time to listen to my needs and give me very creative ideas.


She has a lot of experience with vendors and fits my budget.


Her passion shows and she made this stage very pleasant.“

“Vanessa performed a very professional and serious service, meeting the delivery dates.


She cared about every detail of the project.  


I liked the wide range of options that she gave me to choose the finishes for my house and the design of the furniture, always respecting my needs, tastes and budget.“

“I have worked with Vanessa for several years on many interior design projects and I recommend her, not only for her creativity, but also for her professionalism.

She is a professional with a lot of experience in her field who meets the client's requirements with a pleasant and serious treatment.


Always meeting the objectives that I asked of her on time. 


For me it has been a pleasure to have someone like her in the projects.

I think she is extremely reliable and can certainly make a very positive contribution to any interior design project."

Fiorella Armento

Gloriana González

Alejandro Mora

"Marisol Miranda"  Corporate Coach

"Liz Madrigal"

"Alina Pacheco"

"Karina Rodríguez"

"Tiffany Stewart" The Make up Store

"Vilma Boza" Beauty Bar 

"Johana Pérez" Joha Pérez Studio

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