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Hi, I'm Vanessa Leitón Corella
But everyone calls me Vane


Architect + Interior Designer
Founder and Creative Director

My mission is to make interior design and decor services accessible and pleasant to all and that you can experience comfort and beauty within your home with services that fit your lifestyle and busy schedules.



Amigas en la cafetería

Our passion and principal objective are that you are delighted with the design and the attention provided. 


You won't have to lift a finger if you don't want to nor move from where you are to find anything, we will take off every detail. 


We adjust perfectly to your budget and adhere to your dreams and your lifestyle needs. 


You will have an easy and smooth experience during all stages of the process.

Whenever possible, we prefer to design and manufacture furniture, lamps, rugs, and accessories locally.

In this way, we contribute to sustainable projects by supporting family businesses, strengthening local commerce, and reducing transport and energy consumption.

In the rest of the projects, we include furnishing and accessories from the best decoration-importing companies in the country.

Busy people prefer to rely on our creative sense when they need different design solutions, shopping, management, and require reassuring and reliable experiences throughout the entire process.

We believe in making your life easier, thanks to one of the founding reasons of our studio: to serve homeowners who want to hire professional designers to improve their favorite spaces, without having to remodel their entire home.


Acogedora sala de estar

30 years of



Professional Biography

She has been an interior designer since 1993 and an architect since 2001. ​
Vanessa is an expert in internal comfort. She owns a Master in Tropical Architecture degree since 2013, with an emphasis on bioclimatic design and sustainability, from the University of Costa Rica.
She is very committed to the sustainability and quality of all her projects, always taking financial possibilities and social and environmental impacts into consideration.
She adapts easily and is very adept at improvising under pressure, in an innovative and accurate way, a necessary capacity given the unforeseen events that are common in design projects.
​She is known for being proactive, efficient, analytical, and oriented toward problem prevention and customer satisfaction.

She is an advisor to colleagues and the Municipality of Santa Ana, in 
bioclimatic architecture, and social and sustainable entrepreneurship.

She is the founder and creative director of the first online decoration company in Costa Rica, Decor Online.

She founded the company with the primary goal of making interior design accessible to anyone with a busy life to achieve the dream of having professional services to have the home of their dreams.

Decor Online was awarded the first prize for Innovation from the Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica in 2018 and third prize in the Road to Innovate contest in 2019.

Vanessa is also co-founder of ArquiNativa, 2012, a bioclimatic-sustainable architecture firm and interior design.She teaches bioclimatic architecture courses for architects at the CFIA (Federated College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica).

She co-founded the company the ECO point, in 2010, which distributes portables solar devices.

In 2006, she joined the staff of the internal design department of the firm Zürcher Arquitectos where she was in charge of numerous projects in the areas of hospitality and luxury residences, until 2016 when she founded Decor Online.

Vanessa has a creative team that she relies on and trusts for every stage of the design and management process.

Throughout her career, she has developed a large network of reliable and excellent suppliers and contractors that she works with in all her projects.

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