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Discover how decorative this trends can benefit you

They say that good health leads to happiness, which in turn can improve our relationships and overall quality of life.

It's no secret that feeling healthy and energetic can positively impact our mood and outlook on life. Whether it's taking care of our physical or mental health, it's important to prioritize our well-being in order to live life to the fullest. After all, when we feel our best, we're better equipped to handle the challenges that come our way and enjoy the moments that matter most.

And how does this relate to home decor trends?

Given the current conditions we are living in, it's become increasingly necessary to do everything we can to have happier, more comfortable, and harmonious lives.

What do you say?

We believe that the best tools we have at our disposal today are interior decoration and good design in the spaces where we spend 80% of our time. Do you agree with us?

If you're interested in learning how interior decoration can benefit you, we invite you to read this article until the end.

Inside, you'll discover:

1. 5 decorative trends and an additional one.

2. Suggestions to help you choose which one to start with if you are a beginner and having trouble deciding.


To emphasize the benefits of using decorative trends and ideas, we want to share with you that 90% of our clients have reported never imagining such a radical change in their living spaces after we've completed our work on their interior design and decoration..

Can you imagine feeling the same way? It would be amazing, right? That's why, if you're interested in promoting emotional well-being for yourself and your family, we want to let you know that this year's trends are all about creating a sense of warmth and comfort in your living spaces.

Whether you're interested in improving your quality of life, upgrading your status, following the latest aesthetic trends, or simply want to know what you'll find in stores in 2022, we've gathered 5 of the many trends and an additional one that gurus and leading decoration houses dare to share with us:


Patterned and neutral-colored floors are being considered to evoke feelings of joy and movement. Therefore, we will be seeing many patterned floors in stores that can help us achieve the goal of creating a sense of well-being in our homes.


Bathrooms that include hotel-like elements are becoming more popular due to the demand for safer and more sophisticated spaces. The trend is to incorporate the aesthetics and sensations of being in a hotel into our own homes.

And how? Well, through elements such as soap dispensers or even hand dryers. In the bathroom, the incorporation of color also stands out.


The use of natural fibers in lamps, furniture, and accessories will be a trend in interior decoration. Local and artisanal products will be prevalent, which aligns with the growing importance of sustainability initiatives in our time.

If you're someone who cares about the environment and wants to contribute to this goal, interior decoration in this year will make you feel like you're part of the positive change


Continuing with the use of colors that remind us of nature and help us generate tranquility, green and earth tones will continue to be popular choices for interior decoration. These colors not only create a calming and relaxing atmosphere, but also bring a touch of nature into our homes. Expect to see a variety of shades of green and earth tones in furniture, textiles, and accessories, as well as in wall colors and wallpaper patterns.


On the other hand, marble is used for decorative and supportive elements, as well as for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Don't you think you see natural stone side tables and console tables or more affordable imitations like veneers and laminates everywhere? Have you seen them?


Multifunctional spaces, sharing activities, and optimizing spaces to do multiple things.

And of course, we are sure that since last year you have felt the need to make significant changes to integrate your interiors with the different and multiple activities you do in them, such as cooking, working, studying with your children, sharing an office with your partner.

As we've discussed, you might be wondering how you can incorporate these trends into your life without making major renovations. It's a valid question. After all, we understand that not everyone has the time or budget for large-scale interior design projects. But fear not, there are plenty of ways to bring these trends into your home in simple and affordable ways.

To begin with, if you're looking to improve how you feel in your home now that you spend more time in it, it's necessary to make adjustments in certain spaces, and any of the above trends are focused on causing just that.

In conclusion:

To implement these ideas even if you don't know where to start, we suggest you take the following steps:

1. Change the colors in your home to promote feelings of peace and harmony. Remember that different colors are suited for different spaces and activities.

2. To make your guests feel safe, include accessories and amenities in the bathroom such as alcohol and soap on the countertops and disposable towels. If you're environmentally conscious, opt for products from companies with eco-friendly certifications.

3. Finally, incorporate natural fibers in the fabrics and lamps throughout your home to add a touch of warmth and texture.

What do you think of these ideas? If you need help implementing them, don't hesitate to contact us through our website for an exploratory chat.

Leave us a comment if any of these trends speak to you, we love hearing from you and are happy to assist if you have any questions. Until our next article :)

PS: If you still feel uncertain despite these tips and want help, don't forget that you can now have a personal decorator virtually.

Follow the link to schedule a free consultation and discover how Decor Online can assist you.

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